Sports N Boys

Let me start by saying this….We have 3 awesome boys!!

    Each one is very smart and talented at what they do and we always are willing to sacrifice our time and effort so they can do what they love.  Each of our boys are currently into playing a different sport. We really try to keep them involved in their particular sports year round. Our oldest plays lacrosse, our middle son plays soccer and our youngest is a gymnast. Each sport has a season when it will dominate most of our time. More often than not at least 2 of their sports will overlap, one of which is usually gymnastics because as any mom of a gymnasts knows; IT GOES YEAR ROUND! As a mom it is very hard to look at one son and say “I won’t be able to attend your practice today because your brother has a game.” Sometimes it does end up in a battle between them and all we can do is make sure it works out evenly for all in the process. What I mean by that is we make sure not to miss 2 consecutive events for one son to attend  another’s. This is not only for the sake of arguments between the two or possibly the three of them but yet for the importance of not letting them think their events are less of a priority than their siblings. So, while sports n boys go together as well as a PB & J sandwich, it sometimes puts us as parents in sticky situations and that’s ok because it is very satisfying as a parent to watch your children do something that excites them.