Keeping up with the Jones’
It is an old saying that I have heard many time when referring to things that others have which you may or may not want. I’ve never been one who has ever felt the need to keep up with anyone or their possessions, however, the one item that we seem to always discuss in my home but never actually put into action is a POOL. A backyard inground oasis where my boys, husband and myself could relax and engage in all sorts of water activities. It would be the one thing that if ever finding the EXTRA money we would indulge in. Not for the sake of saying look at us we have this and you don’t but instead it just about having another way to bring your family together and outside away from all SCREENS in the home ( i.e. Laptops, game systems, tablets, phones, television). It wouldn’t give us much pleasure in the cold months but it would still be the one thing I would want to get if I were wanting to “Keep up with the Jones'”


Weekly Photo Challenge “Early Bird”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”
imageMy interpretation of being an early bird…………. I come down stairs daily to find a warm glow overtaking my family room. Not the harsh light of a floresent- like in the workplace, or the heat from the blazing fullness of the sun in mid day, nor the harsh darkness of the night sky. No it’s just the right amount of light versus warmth; which there is just something so comforting about. I never even flick on a light switch at this time of day. This is when the world is at it’s most beautiful. The birds began to chirp, the smell of coffee is in the air and the beauty of light is  peeking thru the windows as if to say ….Enjoy!

Back Seat Lunch Box 

Usually my boys eat lunch at their various schools. On occasion one or two like to take a lunch from home instead. This morning happened to be a lunchbox kind of day – for all three of them. This however is something I did not know last night as I was cleaning and sorting out things for our day today before bed. I was told by each kiddo at different times during our morning routine as I was trying to get everyone breakfast fed, dressed, one to the bus stop and myself ready for the dentist. So I then proceed to put together 3 different lunches in 5 to 7 minutes. In our home we only have 2 lunch boxes because our oldest says he is too old for one and prefers to carry a “plastic walmart bag” that he can then just dispose of after his lunch. So I zip, lock & tie everything up and set them beside their bookbags. I then continue rushing to get myself dressed so as to head out the door on time. One heads out to the bus with his lunch in hand, SUCCESS!  Then I say “Load up guys” and finish grabbing my items before I walk out. Look down  by the door and see 2 lunches on the floor. Ermm, I pick them up and instructed my boys to come back and grab them. Finally we load up and are on the road!!  So I drop of my elementary guy and head to the highschool. Remember our middle schooler decided to ride the bus today. Now we were running on time today and I even pointed out to my oldest as I headed up to drop him off. Out of the blue my phone rings; it’s the elementary school line. My youngest is on the other end saying “Mom, I left my lunch box in your car!” “Of course you did” I replied with a heckle then turned around and sure enough there it was in the seat behind me! I assured him I would bring it to the school before his lunch period started and he went back to class. I’m now off to the dentist. When I got there I let them know I had to get a lunch back to school by 11:30. The dentist is 30 mins away from the school and my appointment time was 10:00am so that didn’t leave a lot of extra time. All went speedy at the dentist so I headed back towards my lunchless boys school and pull up in time to run it to him in the office before the class headed to the cafeteria. Ahh! 

 Tip: Check all surrounding areas for items during child’s exit from vehicle. 


Washed with Love

Like every mom, one chore on our list of everyday things to do is LAUNDRY (such a dirty word, I know!). In my home of four guys and myself I would safely say that my percentage of the hamper is at most 10%. I forever wonder where in the world do all these dirties come from! I have been married for 17 years and a mommy for 16 years. I still wonder that but I am ok with the amount of laundry we acquire now-a-days because I’ve come to look at doing the laundry as a blessing.  If I didn’t see our laundry in this positive way I’d probably pull my hair out from the tedious task of it. To get to this place I had to turn to a few verses in my bible and allow them to sink in. Which then made me realize that it (the laundry) is simply a direct reflection of the blessings God has placed in my life. Look at it this way- Each smelly jersey is a memory from a game, every muddy sock is a puddle stepped in that soaked your shoe and made that hilarious squishing sound when walking, & every food stained shirt is a memory from a meal we shared together. That all led to the realization that I have tons of people in my life that I love and who share everyday with me and that is reason enough to LOVE the laundry!


Texting with Jesus

A wonderful excerpt with a great outlook on the coincidental happenings of events !

another cup of coffee

My new iPhone 6 has been acting up a bit lately. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the phone, and yet…I’m a little hesitant to say that I think Jesus is sending me messages.

I know. I know. I just drifted into that weird place occupied by church ladies and crazed wingnuts on TV.

It isn’t like that. Really. And I don’t think I’m crazy. It’s just…I realize that God can use everything, everywhere, at his disposal to shake me up. To speakto me.

It hasbeen my prayer, to hear what He has to say. And now that I seem to have a direct line, well…I’m kind of stepping back and discounting it.

For years I’ve heard people say how they hear the Lord speak to them. I’ve often said the same thing, not because I heard the words, but because circumstances have lined up…

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What’s in Mamas Bag

All moms know that spring cleaning isn’t just for the cleaning house! There are a million little things that somehow end up in the wrong places during the cold months. This is particularly true when you are a mom of many kiddos. One of the most common place things end up in my home is in MAMA’S BAG. “How does this happen”, one may ask. Well the ever popular “Mom can u hold this?” Is the best example I can think of. It doesn’t matter what it is or where we are at, I am the holder of all things & well sometimes I forget that I was holding those particular items after a while and they add up quite rapidly in the bottom of a nice size tote bag. Hence the need for a Spring Bag Cleaning. Here’s a pic of what I found in mine today! 

 I have Tylenol, bug spray, coin machine prizes, a bandaid, a stylus, an old cough drop, an empty inhaler, expired coupons, a tooth Dylan lost, a note pad from Dylan’s cowboy birthday (3yrs ago) , a maxi pad, & empty hand sanitizer LOL 😂😂