Keeping up with the Jones’
It is an old saying that I have heard many time when referring to things that others have which you may or may not want. I’ve never been one who has ever felt the need to keep up with anyone or their possessions, however, the one item that we seem to always discuss in my home but never actually put into action is a POOL. A backyard inground oasis where my boys, husband and myself could relax and engage in all sorts of water activities. It would be the one thing that if ever finding the EXTRA money we would indulge in. Not for the sake of saying look at us we have this and you don’t but instead it just about having another way to bring your family together and outside away from all SCREENS in the home ( i.e. Laptops, game systems, tablets, phones, television). It wouldn’t give us much pleasure in the cold months but it would still be the one thing I would want to get if I were wanting to “Keep up with the Jones'”


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