Back Seat Lunch Box 

Usually my boys eat lunch at their various schools. On occasion one or two like to take a lunch from home instead. This morning happened to be a lunchbox kind of day – for all three of them. This however is something I did not know last night as I was cleaning and sorting out things for our day today before bed. I was told by each kiddo at different times during our morning routine as I was trying to get everyone breakfast fed, dressed, one to the bus stop and myself ready for the dentist. So I then proceed to put together 3 different lunches in 5 to 7 minutes. In our home we only have 2 lunch boxes because our oldest says he is too old for one and prefers to carry a “plastic walmart bag” that he can then just dispose of after his lunch. So I zip, lock & tie everything up and set them beside their bookbags. I then continue rushing to get myself dressed so as to head out the door on time. One heads out to the bus with his lunch in hand, SUCCESS!  Then I say “Load up guys” and finish grabbing my items before I walk out. Look down  by the door and see 2 lunches on the floor. Ermm, I pick them up and instructed my boys to come back and grab them. Finally we load up and are on the road!!  So I drop of my elementary guy and head to the highschool. Remember our middle schooler decided to ride the bus today. Now we were running on time today and I even pointed out to my oldest as I headed up to drop him off. Out of the blue my phone rings; it’s the elementary school line. My youngest is on the other end saying “Mom, I left my lunch box in your car!” “Of course you did” I replied with a heckle then turned around and sure enough there it was in the seat behind me! I assured him I would bring it to the school before his lunch period started and he went back to class. I’m now off to the dentist. When I got there I let them know I had to get a lunch back to school by 11:30. The dentist is 30 mins away from the school and my appointment time was 10:00am so that didn’t leave a lot of extra time. All went speedy at the dentist so I headed back towards my lunchless boys school and pull up in time to run it to him in the office before the class headed to the cafeteria. Ahh! 

 Tip: Check all surrounding areas for items during child’s exit from vehicle. 



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