Washed with Love

Like every mom, one chore on our list of everyday things to do is LAUNDRY (such a dirty word, I know!). In my home of four guys and myself I would safely say that my percentage of the hamper is at most 10%. I forever wonder where in the world do all these dirties come from! I have been married for 17 years and a mommy for 16 years. I still wonder that but I am ok with the amount of laundry we acquire now-a-days because I’ve come to look at doing the laundry as a blessing.  If I didn’t see our laundry in this positive way I’d probably pull my hair out from the tedious task of it. To get to this place I had to turn to a few verses in my bible and allow them to sink in. Which then made me realize that it (the laundry) is simply a direct reflection of the blessings God has placed in my life. Look at it this way- Each smelly jersey is a memory from a game, every muddy sock is a puddle stepped in that soaked your shoe and made that hilarious squishing sound when walking, & every food stained shirt is a memory from a meal we shared together. That all led to the realization that I have tons of people in my life that I love and who share everyday with me and that is reason enough to LOVE the laundry!



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