What’s in Mamas Bag

All moms know that spring cleaning isn’t just for the cleaning house! There are a million little things that somehow end up in the wrong places during the cold months. This is particularly true when you are a mom of many kiddos. One of the most common place things end up in my home is in MAMA’S BAG. “How does this happen”, one may ask. Well the ever popular “Mom can u hold this?” Is the best example I can think of. It doesn’t matter what it is or where we are at, I am the holder of all things & well sometimes I forget that I was holding those particular items after a while and they add up quite rapidly in the bottom of a nice size tote bag. Hence the need for a Spring Bag Cleaning. Here’s a pic of what I found in mine today! 

 I have Tylenol, bug spray, coin machine prizes, a bandaid, a stylus, an old cough drop, an empty inhaler, expired coupons, a tooth Dylan lost, a note pad from Dylan’s cowboy birthday (3yrs ago) , a maxi pad, & empty hand sanitizer LOL 😂😂



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